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January 14, 2009

Delaware Beach Magazine…..

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My in-depth article will appear in DELAWARE BEACH LIFE MAGAZINE in the July issue available at area news stands and online the end of June.
…There is a song, that when I hear it evokes a specific time, place, and memory. The song, Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, holds such depth for me that anytime I hear it, I have to turn up the music, sit back and allow myself to drift off.  This song takes me back to a time of innocence, absolute freedom, and happiness.  I close my eyes as Otis Redding sings his smash hit with the luxury of You Tube. His voice is as easy as the words with a background of seagulls and a calming tide. “Looks like nothing’s gonna change, everything still remains the same”. Things have changed but in my mind the song keeps those days alive.  “I’m just sittin on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away.” Though the song came out in the early 60’s my memory of that day in 1974 never washed away. “Sittin on the dock of the bay wastin time.” In my memory these times were never wasted because they became treasured time.  Dewey Beach had a way of freezing time and making memories….

What I am working on…

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I am currently working on a non-fiction memoir based on my visits to the Greek Island of Corfu over the past twenty-five years. This latest writing endeavor is very exciting because it will take the reader to a beautiful Greek island where they can dance the Zorba, experience the delicious Grecian cuisine and enjoy the hospitality of the Greeks and their passion for life.img_3401

Meeting John O’Hurley

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We were there for our husbands (giggle, giggle). Yes, we were getting to the bookstore early to purchase books for our husbands (giggle, giggle). We had to get front row seats to assure the author would sign the books we were getting for our husbands (giggle, giggle).  Then, John O’Hurley, actor, author, singer and man of several well known voices descended down the escalator, so very handsome even from afar, we knew our front row seats would pay off in more ways than one.
O’Hurley is perhaps best known for his role as Jay Peterman on Seinfeld, a show our husbands are fans of too.  Recently, O’Hurley was at our local Barnes & Nobles to do a book signing for his latest books, Before Your Dog Can Eat Your Homework, First You Have to Do it and It’s Okay to Miss the Bed on the First Jump.
Both of these books were inspired by lessons the author learned from his dogs over the years. My friend and I enjoyed listening to him read from his book as his voice is extremely pleasing to the ear. He then did a Jay Peterman monologue that brought one woman to tears of happiness and certainly the rest of the audience roaring with laughter. He talked about his life and his many involvements, projects and future endeavors, including a Christmas CD, an inspirational speaking tour, and time to be spent at his newly purchased home on a lake in Vermont with his wife and son.
After sharing a great deal of his diversified life with us, he took questions from the audience, one of which came from a seven year old who asked him what it was like to be on Nickelodeon’s “Josh and Drake.” The little boy’s face lit up when O’Hurley told him he also did the voice of King Neptune on Spongebob.  He then signed books and graciously took photos with patrons.
The evening was exciting, enjoyable and entertaining.  My friend and I managed to buy gifts for our husbands while feasting our eyes on a handsome man with a very enticing voice who brought back memories of a television show that is in our opinion the best sitcom ever.  And, we were pleased to be seated just a few feet away from Jay Peterman, King Neptune, Host to Family Feud, dog-loving author, and voice behind BEN-FM ads, as we discovered the man behind it all to be very charming, kind, and giving of himself.  Thank You John O’Hurley for a fabulous night of gift shopping for our husbands.

January 12, 2009

Running in Place

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As I write this my daughter’s hamster, Carly, is running rapidly on her wheel. She’s running, but going no where. I tend to get that feeling this time of year. The holiday rush and chaos is over for at least another 350 days. But, the need to run at a rapid pace is all too consuming as I attempt to get back on “track”.

Why can’t my life be taken out of nicely organized boxes and put back up just as the Christmas decorations are put away? Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to be at peace and not skip a beat in getting back to work, school, or running a home? But, the days of relatives, big meals, baking cookies, and catching up with loved ones take up more time than ever imagined. The laundry builds up, along with the bills and added weight. We make resolutions knowing they will be broken and then we get frustrated, drained and easily annoyed.

Like Carly, we have to get out of our place of existence. She’s currently in her ball rolling around the family room. Carly’s not running at a crazed pace like she was on her wheel, she’s stopping here and there enjoying the different smells, sounds and what little sights she can gather. Maybe, that’s what needs to be done? Get out of our own place of existence and experience something different and new. Rather than feeling like we are running in place accomplishing little and being extremely fatigued in the end, why not add a new dimension to our day. Try a walk in the cold winter air and take in new sights and sounds that are usually drowned out during other seasons because of birds and trees. Or, try stepping out for lunch. Both are a source of revitalization. Sometimes just mixing things up can make our day less trying. If food store shopping is done on Monday, do some on Monday and take a break at a book store to peruse the latest releases. On Thursday go back to the food store with the notion that the weekend is around the bend and that often calls for a night out or pizza in. This will make the chore a little less draining.

Adding dimension and versatility to our lives will release stress and take away the feeling of being caged. Just because we’ve chosen a certain path in life d0esn’t mean we can’t experience the terrain to the fullest. That’s what Carly is doing. And I’d venture to say she won’t be on the wheel in the frantic mode for a while.

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