Ruth Zavitsanos

December 20, 2009

Rob Thomas concert takes on the image of Groundhog Day movie

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Remember the movie Groundhog Day where Bill Murray’s character wakes up to the same day again and again? After setting out for a second time to see Rob Thomas in concert only to have it postponed again, I feel the same way. I wake up to the alarm, click on my ipod to the playlist devoted to him and get excited at the prospect of being close and personal with Rob at the small Music Box Theater at the Borgata in Atlantic City.

This time, as you may recall, my friend and I would be taking our husbands. We were able to get extra tickets in early November from patrons who feared snow would keep them from getting to AC in late December. We, too, would be traveling from outside the Philly area to AC but our chances of getting to the concert were much better because it would not snow for us. HA. Did you hear that last part? It would not snow for us.

As I look out my window a Courier and Ives picture postcard comes alive with snow covered trees, the silence of impassable roads and nearly two feet of snow blanketing the rolling hills of my neighborhood. It’s gorgeous, especially this time of year. But, it’s also an early snowfall. I think about that couple, definitely having the last laugh, pleased as pumpkin pie that they sold us their tickets.

Back to Groundhog day when I was packed and ready to go once again to the Rob Thomas concert. I turned off my ipod and turned on the news. The newscasters were at it again drumming up business for the grocery stores with their endless talk of snow arriving. It didn’t matter what channel I tuned into the snow was definitely coming to the Philadelphia area. And, if it was anything like what Florida had received in the way of rain, we’d be getting a lot of snow. But, the arrival time and amount varied as much cereal boxes on food store shelves. I didn’t let all the hype change my plans until the newscasters sang off the same page and came up with more than a foot of snow to start by 6 a.m. on the morning of the concert. Before I could pick up the phone my friend was ringing me. She and her husband planned to beat the storm and leave that night. The plan made sense. I approached my husband with the idea of leaving a day early. He declined having traveled back and forth in one day to North Carolina the day before, not to mention thousands of traveling miles in total over the past month for work. Though, disappointed, as the night went on and the talk of snow never ceased with the inches mounting to a record breaking level, my disappointment faded with the thought of leaving in the morning when all these meteorologists with their million dollar doppler systems would be seen not hit by snowball but rather an egg in the face of embarrassment. Or, if they were right and I woke up to a foot of snow, perhaps my husband would also be right and Rob Thomas would cancel his concert.

My friend and her husband had arrived safely in AC late Friday night. The next morning the birds didn’t sing and from the silence in the air I had a feeling the heavy blanket of snow predicted was falling fast. My husband met me at the coffee pot with a big smile. I announced to the world, in this case, my husband and kids that I was in a “funk.” Later when my friend called from AC and told me Rob had postponed his concert my mood immediately shifted into one of joyfulness! But, when she said it was scheduled for Jan. 9th something inside gnawed at me. It was the thought of waking up to my alarm clock, packing and once again, heading off for the Rob Thomas concert! Yes, another  snowstorm is not out of the question! I was hoping we might get a date that fell six weeks past Ground hog Day! Though, I’m grateful he made a wise decision given the snow that fell in and around the AC area. And, I’m hopeful he will perform like never before!


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