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January 15, 2010

Rob Thomas Performance

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I like this title. To me it means he was there, and indeed this time Rob Thomas did appear at his rescheduled (for the third time) concert this past Saturday at the Borgata in Atlantic City. When we arrived at our seats our friends who were with us from the beginning with these tickets sat in the row in front and a few seats over. This worked out great! I could lean over and easily comment to my friend. Her husband pointed out an open laptop just two rows in front of us with the Eagles game in easy view. I remember sinking back in my seat when Rob took the stage, in a state of disbelief, especially with my husband leaning forward and watching the Eagles game throughout. Come on, this had to be a dream.

Rob thanked the audience several times for being there. “And I REALLY want to thank those of you who have been here for this concert several times,” he said. Adding, “This concert was destine to happen.” He played an enjoyable rendition of Elvis’ “That’s Alright Mama,” rocked to Bruce Springstein’s (considering he was performing in Bruce Land he got an overwhelming applause) “Dancing in The Dark” and gave a beautiful softer version of his hit with Carlos Santana, “Smooth”. He performed a few hits from his previous solo CD and most of the tunes from his latest, Cradlesong CD. One song, a favorite of my friend’s, “Snow blind”, may have been left out with good intention given the fact the last concert was canceled because of a snowstorm.

Our seats were at the fifty yard line for both Rob and the Eagles! Rob proved to be extremely talented and one who does not take life for granted as indicated in his intensely profound lyrics. His voice is smooth and watching him bring the lyrics to life, often beating his hand against his heart, made it a very moving experience.

The Eagles lost, but Rob’s concert was gratifying though he did leave us wanting more.  After all the rescheduling and financial setbacks I went through to see his concert I was surprised there were no encores. I think an encore or two would’ve enhanced his appearance.


January 8, 2010

Under Contract for my Western/Historical/Romance

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I’m thrilled to announce that Whiskey Creek Press will publish my full length novel in both print and e-book formats! I’ll keep you posted on title, cover art and release date!

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