Ruth Zavitsanos

December 29, 2011

2012 Make it Happen

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Carpe Diem, Make it Happen, Take on life and LIVE

These are a few adages I hold close to mind and heart when entering a New Year. They’ve traveled through the centuries for good reason. I’ve learned that in order to Seize the day, Make It Happen and Take On Life and Live we must find in ourselves Tolerance, Compassion and Peace to attain true Happiness.

It’s important to surround ourselves with those who also believe in these virtues. In that life has its ups and downs, during our longer and more trying days we must dig deep to bring forth tolerance, find compassion, and embrace peace. Others can easily tip the scales or worst, act with contempt and disruption, leaving us hurt and disappointed. We can not control what others do or say, but we can think their actions and words through. If we find discourse and intolerant meaning uprooting our solitude we must preserve ourselves by eliminating negativity, which often creates chaos. We can all err at times. Step forward and allow peace to prevail, recognizing and offering an apology often brings happiness. An apology is more than “I’m sorry.” Those simple words in this advanced society are like taking a charcoal pencil to lamb skin, primitive. Think about what can be done, rather than said. If the words were upsetting undo the words with an afternoon filled with laughter. All of us have inside the means to create joyfulness, some have to dig and try harder than others depending on their days. Usually, it does a heart good to reach back to a better place through a picture, a happier time through a song, or relaxing with a good book. All of these things can inspire positive action.

In 2012 Carpe Diem and I wish you a Happy New Year!

Carpe Diem, Horace (Roman Poet)

Make It Happen (Cleopatra)

Take On Life and Live (unknown)


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