Ruth Zavitsanos

June 4, 2012


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Snippets-a small piece of something ,sampling.

I’ve come to find that the best blogs are highly informative, thought provoking and least wordy. Lately, I adhere to the  “less is more” addage of these times.

Snippets of information are making their way into our brain via the internet in a little more than a tweet’s 140 word limit. For me, it’s like getting on the roller coaster at an amusement park for a fast, sharp, thrilling two minute adventuresome ride. Thanks to the internet’s speed, there’s no waiting involved.

I used to revel in the delights of getting Vanity Fair in my mailbox, excited to delve into their long in-depth stories. Now, I’m reading a vast number of tweets, blogs, and yahoo news briefs in less time than one VF profile story. Am I more informed? I know I’m not a walking encyclopedia on a subject but I can discuss many different topics in the brevity it was given to me in. And, lets face it, often when having a “real time” discussion at a social gathering, a yawn prevails when one rambles on. When time allows, going beneath the surface to discover more about the subject will only improve interpretation and stronger debate skills. Keep in mind, too much of one thing can cause clutter. Snippets allow us to take in the new and discard the old without over crowding.

And so, I’m back to my journalistic teachings of giving all the facts with concise brevity. Newspapers might be taking a backseat to the internet, but people seeking to grow, learn and engage with others will always want what Joe Friday proclaimed decades ago, “Just the facts”.

*This blog was written in just 2 tweets!


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