Ruth Zavitsanos

August 20, 2012

Brighten Life Up, Spin the Color Wheel

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We talk about our need to be happy and when we’re not talking about it we’re seeking ways to find happiness. Life is riddled with despair, heart ache, challenges and missed opportunities that can bring us to our knees. We feel the heavy burden pulling us down, creating an agonizing pain in our shoulders and neck that spreads faster than lava into our heads. A throbbing headache persists for days. Finally and perhaps slowly, life levels out and soon we hit a peak, exuberance, opportunities, and joy touches our lives. We are thrilled to know “Life is Good”, No, life is wonderful. We laugh, smile, seek out others to share our joy with and perhaps make them a believer in what a difference a day or two or five can make. This is our time to shine on others. It’s not easy because some people enjoy staying under a rock for fear they will peek out and be hit with more hardship.

This past week I encountered enormous stress that weakened my being and took me to hiding under that rock. Actually it was more like a boulder. In an email I shared some of my setbacks, hardships and concerns with a good friend. He returned my email to me in a lavender text saying, “I chose this color to soothe you.” It worked. Just knowing someone thought enough to send me this kind of “healing”  made me realize there is so much good out there. I wrote back in a softer tone of terra cotta. He replied in Green, since he is trying to sell his house and Green signifies money. I wrote back in sky blue because I was uplifted by our “mood ring” emails and shared the news of an upcoming book signing event. Honestly, the color key for the emails put a new spin on the way I saw things and this realization made me extremely grateful. Sometimes we need another eye to show us life is not black or white.

When this thought came to me I was surfing channels and stopped at a PBS special, THE HAPPINESS ADVANTAGE. Motivational speaker, Shawn Achor, discussed his philosophy on attaining happiness. One thing he said that really struck a chord, especially at this time, was that we can adjust the lens for which we see things.  I’m appreciative to my friend and his color wheel for brightening my vision. Sometimes it only takes a sweet, encouraging thought to bring out the good, provide happiness, or simply offer a glimmer of hope.

Moving forward and with so many ways provided with the internet, phone, correspondence and personal interaction, I’m making it a point to shine the light on someone daily. Today I commented on my friend’s blog she wrote while on a missionary visit to Africa. She and her church group built a home in a place where darkness prevails were it not for the generosity of others.

Is it time you spin your color wheel?


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