Ruth Zavitsanos

August 2, 2013

Finding The Fountain of Youth

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Is it thanks to Ponce De Leon that so many migrate to Florida for their golden years? He traveled there five hundred years ago (1513) in search of The Fountain of Youth. Though the state boasts sunshine and early bird specials, it does not have the market on any fountain with a free flowing spring that brings one back to a younger more youthful glow.

However, I believe I have found something that does provide one with a younger and more youthful glow. Before I get into how I found such a phenomenal and long sought after rejuvenation, I will explain how I know it is so. There are pictures that prove it to be true. In these photos, I’ve regained my youthful smile and early twenties glow. And pictures don’t lie. Well, the ones that aren’t “touched up” or enhanced don’t lie.

In looking at these photos, friends, family and those who knew me when I was in my early twenties have commented both in person and on Facebook about how “you haven’t changed. You look the same as you did 25 years ago.”  Why do I look so young and happy in these photos versus other photos taken in recent months and even years. I, as my wise Greek (I mention his Greek heritage because he was quite the philosopher) grandfather would say, “I have to study this.” After studying the photos, I realized I rarely take a bad picture when I’m on vacation. In fact, most vacation photos reveal a “younger, happier” me. Of course, we can’t always be on vacation. Then, I looked at other photos, and, when I’m proud, I tend to glow and my skin gives off a youthful radiance. And, finally, when I’m with those from my younger more youthful days, for instance a recent getaway weekend with my college roomies/sorority sisters, I appear to be as I feel in my mind, twenty-something.

Do keep in mind, one must preserve and work to keep those bags at bay or the skin from drying into a web of wrinkles. Using moisturizers, staying away from the common skin irritants (i.e. smoking), and getting a good night’s sleep will definitely provide the right foundation. Once this is accomplished, I believe Ponce De Leon was on to something. We must use our compass and search for our youth as we get older. However, it’s not something we can physically claim but rather something we must mentally attain. Be that relaxed carefree person on vacation. Connect with those friends from earlier years who recall the youthful you. And pause at the achievements of those around you, burst with pride. Others will notice the more youthful you.


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