Ruth Zavitsanos

October 29, 2013

Skipping A Dog’s Year

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Some people choose to skip Christmas, or perhaps are forced to skip vacation. I’m determined to skip my dog’s upcoming birthday. She doesn’t have any idea of why people keep a calendar or schedule anything beyond getting nails trimmed and hair styled. I make no bones about celebrating birthdays in such a big way Pebbles doesn’t need to look at a calendar to know it’s going to be a non-stop tail-wagging day.



Why then am I seeking to skip my sweet and kind Border Collie/Black Lab’s birthday this year? Certainly, I did not lose the silly hat I put on Pebbles’ head leaving her with an expression of “Must I really be photographed with this absurd hat!” Nor am I opposed to buying a dog-tailored birthday cookie for her to lick her chops over. In truth, I am skipping her birthday because she is entering the double digits. It saddens me to think she has a lifespan that I wish could triple or perhaps even quadruple.  Instead, given her large mixed breed, approaching ten is not something I want to celebrate because it means she only has a few years left. For that reason, I’d like her to be nine again for many years to come. 



Should I really deny her the birthday cookie treat and the silly hat along with making her feel as though she is the only one that matters in the house because it’s her special day?  To say she is aging well is easy. To say I am the one with a heavy heart knowing she is aging is not easy.



Recalling past birthdays, I’m confident that Pebbles will wear the silly hat, eat her store bought doggie birthday cookie and take in a day full of praise with such enthusiasm the puppy in her will come out. Tail wagging, wet kisses and hugs galore will keep her young and lighten my heart.


How do you handle your aging pets?Image



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