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July 6, 2014

Ruth’s Writing World

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I’m participating in the world wide blog hop. Special thanks to Agnes Alexander for inviting me to take part in this blog. Agnes is the author of 22 books written under Lynn Hall Hampton. She has written in both the Mystery and Western Historical Romance genres. Currently, she is working on several Contemporary manuscripts and has set a goal of writing a total of 26 Western Historical Romances. I”m currently reading Camilla’s Daughters and very much enjoying this “sweet” romance with a page-turning plot and strong well-developed characters.

Her website is

I’ve been requested to introduce my “writing world” to all of you. At this time, I have three children’s chapter books, two Western Historical Romances and one sensuous novella all published by small independent presses. My children’s books are set in exotic locations and told through the dog’s point of view. They’re easy reader level but all ages enjoy these heartwarming stories. I had no intention of being a children’s writer but after my family and I stayed at a Villa in Lucca, Italy I was inspired to write THE VILLA DOG. I’m pleased to say “Sole’s” story received five star reviews and was a third grade book club read in several area schools. Children, parents and teachers all asked if there would be any other “dog books”. That inspired me to write THE OLD FORTRESS DOG. The story takes place on the Greek Island of Corfu, where my family and I visit relatives every other summer. In 2010 my family and I went to Maui and YES…I was inspired to write THE KONA DOG. I’m pleased to say all three books have received great acclaim.

Prior to writing my children’s chapter books, I had written a story that took place in the early 1870s. I’d been a fan of Laura Ingall Wilder’s books, Little House On the Prairie and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, therefore I found the time period enjoyable to write. In 2010 FLIGHT OF LITTLE DOVE was released through Whiskey Creek Press and received great reviews. I then wrote the story of two women the readers came to know in FLIGHT and that became my second novel, SISTERS INN also released by WCP. My novella, SAFE ENCOUNTER is a workplace romance with a strong and driven heroine. This story and my children’s books were published by Wild Child Publishing.

When did I start writing? Back when I was twelve-years-old I had a babysitting job that often went past midnight. Back in those pre-cable and pre-computer days, there was nothing to watch on TV but a yule log and that really did nothing to keep me up. I soon discovered that the woman I babysat for belonged to the “Book of theMonth Club. Two of my favorites, THE THORN BIRDS and ROOTS, made me look forward to Saturday nights and babysitting far more than the meager hourly rate. However, there were times when I pulled out my favorite book, a green spiral notebook. I wrote all of my stories in it. These stories ranged from tragedies to romances and mysteries. I still have the notebook as a reminder of that girl who loved to write more than anything else. In fact, though college bound people have a difficult time knowing just what they want to do in life, I knew I wanted a journalism degree. After acquiring my degree I worked off and on for various newspapers as my husband and I moved several times for his career to advance. After both my daughters were born I stayed home to raise them. Once they got on the school bus I went back to my writing.

Currently, I’m writing a memoir about the 12 times I have been to Corfu over the past 30 years. It’s MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING with a Slice of MOONSTRUCK meets EAT, PRAY, LOVE. I’m hoping to get an agent soon for both my memoir and a contemporary romance, EMBERS WILL GLOW, the story of two lovers destine to reunite and the woman who brings them together again.

Finally, for those who wonder why I keep writing, that’s an easy question to answer. I keep writing because it gives voice to my characters and allows their story to be told. And, if I’m writing about something I’ve learned or want to share, I feel (and hope) that I’ve added something to one’s day. All of my stories have happy endings.

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