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October 12, 2014

Best Buy Doesn’t Deliver

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On Tuesday, September 23rd, I set out to buy a refrigerator. I went to four different appliance stores and eventually found the model I wanted for the price I was willing to spend at Best Buy.

A sales manager came out to assist with the big-ticket sale and told me if I opened a Best Buy charge card I’d get an additional 10% off. While I’m not one for credit cards I am one for savings. So, I opened the card to get the more than $100 off the final sale price.

Later I shared my shopping experience with my family. I told them that I’d gone to the others stores and ended up at Best Buy for what appeared to truly be the Best Buy. Delivery was scheduled for more than a week later, but once my new refrigerator arrived in my kitchen I knew I’d feel the wait was well worth it.

As I was told by the salesperson I received both an email followed by a phone call the night before telling me the time period of delivery, 8 a.m. to 12 Noon. I got up the following morning followed their instructions for removal of the old refrigerator and rearranged my work schedule to be home.

Hours went by and it was now past 12Noon. I called the delivery number on my receipt. They said someone would get back to me. I didn’t hear from anyone until past 4 p.m. At this time I was told my refrigerator didn’t make it on the truck and would not be delivered.

And, thus begins the saga of Best Buy Doesn’t Deliver.

They informed me that my next delivery date was for nearly a week away.

This time I’d been told my refrigerator would be delivered on Wednesday October 8th. I never received any confirmation the night before so I called the delivery number, and although I used the extension given to me I spoke with yet another representative. They checked into it and said it was on their list to be delivered and someone would get back to me with a time. The following morning I’d chased this delivery time down. Several phone calls and lots of time waiting on hold, I finally was given a call that confirmed a delivery time of between 3 and 7 p.m. When it didn’t arrive, once again, I knew I had to schedule another day to prepare and be home.

I was never given a reason for the ongoing delays. Yet, I was obligated to adjust my schedule with great difficulty.

It neared the 6 p.m. hour and I hadn’t received that “thirty minute away call”.

The delivery department said they’d get back to me. Keep in mind all of these calls that I’d been making in an effort to chase down a refrigerator (is it running goes the old joke, mine isn’t even plugged in!) were very time consuming. I often waited twenty to twenty-five minutes on hold just to speak to someone. I have a slew of names ranging from Samantha at the store to Ebony, Carla, Shannon, Greg and a few others that promised to get back to me and resolve the problem. I trusted them knowing this was their job. I’d been worn down because everything was going in a direction of no follow through and no results. Finally, I was told at 6:30 p.m. in a returned phone call that the truck broke down and the delivery had to be rescheduled.

Upset, frustrated, annoyed, disappointed, all of these feelings ran through me. I did my best to remain calm and hear what BEST BUY might do next.

“We want to offer you a $100 Best Buy gift card,” the upteenth customer respresentative said.
“If it comes with my refrigerator I’ll take it.” While I appreciated and definitely had no intentions of turning down the gift card, I still wanted my refrigerator.

“We can deliver it on Friday.” Once again I entrusted them to complete the job I’d paid Best Buy to get done.

Friday, October 12, 2014 arrived. I’d had my reservations about this third attempt at a delivery because I’d never received a phone call giving me a time. I did receive the email the night before so I knew the date had been confirmed. Still, my hopes of getting the refrigerator faltered when, once again, I had to chase it down. I made the initial phone call to speak with the store manager; the delivery department and nobody seemed to know where my refrigerator had gone. Several hours later another person from another warehouse called. He could only do what the others had done before him, schedule another phantom delivery date.

I finally realized that I was given a lot of empty promises and no results. Looking back it was a very difficult, upsetting and unjustifiable time for me. I kept believing that I’d get results. It never happened.

That same day, I went to the store where I purchased it. I met with the store manager to get my money back.

I’m not waiting on another Delivery. I always had to initiate communication that resulted in a lot of different responses. Sadly, in the end, Best Buy Doesn’t Deliver.


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