Ruth Zavitsanos

December 17, 2015

A Christmas Tail

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A Christmas Tail-based on a true story

Since I was feeling spiffy in my Santa Sweater, I wanted to share my enthusiasm for this festive time of year with my sweetheart. Don’t tell her I said that, she thinks she’s too old for this young pup. The moment I felt a cool breeze, I snuck out and trotted down the street to my best girl’s home. First, being the friendly pup I am, I greeted the woman I often encounter running toward me. We practically knock each other over, but she does stop to greet me when I’m with my humans. This time she greeted me and took hold of my collar. At first I resisted but then she took me right to my girl, Pebbles’ home. I can see her confusion since; to be honest I was near Pebbles’ driveway when we bumped into to one another.


I was let in by a woman smelling of Windex. They use that a lot at Pebbles’ house. It’s a unique, clean scent that I sometimes smell on Pebbles. She brings a certain Pepe Le Pew aroma to it that brings me to rolling over with excitement. Once inside, I was hoping Pebbles and her pesky little brother, Rocky, would greet me. I ran upstairs and one of Pebbles’ humans at first looked surprised then gave me a sweet hug. “Oh, it’s you Chance. I love your Santa sweater.” I barked with joy before running around the house in search of Pebbles. Instead, I discovered those wrapped gifts that go under that pine-smelling tree this time of year. Santa is coming soon. My tail wagged and I sought out something I might enjoy that the elves wrapped. Instead perfumes and sweet candles hit my nostrils. I guess Pebbles and Rocky will have to wait for Christmas morning, like me! I licked my chops at the thought of a savory treat.


I trotted downstairs to the tree and the kind human stopped to snap a photo of me in my spiffy Santa Sweater. I hope she shares it with my best girl, Pebbles. We can see photos, and if we don’t we can feel the joy they give. I barked and she patted my head and said, “They’ll be back soon.”

Chance Christmas


I waited for Pebbles and Rocky to return.

What to do? I’ve been left all alone for Christmas and it’s not my family! I began to whine. I ran to look out the door where Pebbles, Rocky and I freely play on a big field of green with a fence keeping out those not invited to our playdates. The green balls we play with lay waiting for Rocky and me to chase. Pebbles only has to leap my way and I drop the ball at her paws. I looked around and sniffed hoping they’d come trotting my way.


My throat grew dry. I drank some water and sniffed at their empty bowls. That’s when I thought I heard my name being called. I ran to the front door. It was one of my humans. They were looking for me! My tail wagged and I barked. They rang the doorbell. I ran around the empty house. Then I ran toward the place where that woman who runs toward me dropped me off. My human came to that door, opened it and I nearly knocked her down. Though I kept looking back, hoping to see Pebbles, I never stopped from walking back home. I’ll be home for Christmas. My tail wagged non-stop.

Later, while begging for scraps during dinner, I heard my humans say Pebbles and Rocky were at the groomers all day. I dozed off. In my mind I chased Pebbles, her scent of Windex and Pine conditioner filling the air. Rocky chased after that green ball as moist soft snowflakes fell on our snouts.

“Chance is sleeping after his exciting day,” I heard one of my humans say.

“He looks pleased. I wonder what he’s thinking.”

Thanks for the White Christmas with my family and friends, Santa.


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