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Welcome to my site. The irony in my dual life, being a homebody with an office tree house, and the traveler in me is present in this site….we all are a bit homebody and dreamer though, are we not?  Come with me on my own journey by clicking the links above.

Name: Ruth Zavitsanos
Home base: Chester County, PA
Vacation: Most of USA, much of Europe
Favorite book: Bitter is the New Black,
The Other Boleyn Girl
Favorite movie: Casablanca, The Heiress,
We Are Marshall
Travel tip: Research on the net so you
buy tickets in advance for what you
want, when you want.
There is significance to where I reside, I’m neither in the city nor the country, but rather in the middle. If I head about thirty miles to the west I can find myself yielding to horse and buggy as the Amish plow their fields with a team of eight horses.
On the other hand if I head east the same distance with my window down Philly cheese steak will fill my nostrils as I enter the city known as the “cradle of democracy”.
I love the profound diversity and the satisfaction of not being stuck in one very busy world that has more people than sun or a world that has little flavor and a lot less vivacity.

It is wonderful to be in-between these worlds when creating one of my own.
In my tree house life stands still while I explore other places, people and their actions. I’ve had a passion for writing since age twelve and like this world we live in, my writing is not limited to any one place or thing.  
As a world traveler I have always enjoyed taking in different cultures and experiencing a place that is so different from the one I live in.

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