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August 2, 2013

Finding The Fountain of Youth

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Is it thanks to Ponce De Leon that so many migrate to Florida for their golden years? He traveled there five hundred years ago (1513) in search of The Fountain of Youth. Though the state boasts sunshine and early bird specials, it does not have the market on any fountain with a free flowing spring that brings one back to a younger more youthful glow.

However, I believe I have found something that does provide one with a younger and more youthful glow. Before I get into how I found such a phenomenal and long sought after rejuvenation, I will explain how I know it is so. There are pictures that prove it to be true. In these photos, I’ve regained my youthful smile and early twenties glow. And pictures don’t lie. Well, the ones that aren’t “touched up” or enhanced don’t lie.

In looking at these photos, friends, family and those who knew me when I was in my early twenties have commented both in person and on Facebook about how “you haven’t changed. You look the same as you did 25 years ago.”  Why do I look so young and happy in these photos versus other photos taken in recent months and even years. I, as my wise Greek (I mention his Greek heritage because he was quite the philosopher) grandfather would say, “I have to study this.” After studying the photos, I realized I rarely take a bad picture when I’m on vacation. In fact, most vacation photos reveal a “younger, happier” me. Of course, we can’t always be on vacation. Then, I looked at other photos, and, when I’m proud, I tend to glow and my skin gives off a youthful radiance. And, finally, when I’m with those from my younger more youthful days, for instance a recent getaway weekend with my college roomies/sorority sisters, I appear to be as I feel in my mind, twenty-something.

Do keep in mind, one must preserve and work to keep those bags at bay or the skin from drying into a web of wrinkles. Using moisturizers, staying away from the common skin irritants (i.e. smoking), and getting a good night’s sleep will definitely provide the right foundation. Once this is accomplished, I believe Ponce De Leon was on to something. We must use our compass and search for our youth as we get older. However, it’s not something we can physically claim but rather something we must mentally attain. Be that relaxed carefree person on vacation. Connect with those friends from earlier years who recall the youthful you. And pause at the achievements of those around you, burst with pride. Others will notice the more youthful you.


March 6, 2013

The Scent Of A Sibling

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I’d heard talk of my annual veterinary visit. She’d put it on her calendar. And when something went on THE calendar, the one sitting on her big desk next to that big lit up screen, it is going to happen. I’m fine. Actually feeling great since they give me this pill twice a day that keeps my weight down and my energy up. Thyroid. I don’t know what it means, but my favorite visitor, Grandma who brings me treats, she takes a thyroid pill, too. And she’s full of energy.

The morning of the vet appointment had arrived. I jumped in the car ready for the visit. Shots. There was talk of shots. I sat nervously in the front seat and then jumped to the back, thinking I might be forgotten back there. Soon I knew that was not so when the window next to me went down a bit. We pulled into the parking lot, and before the windows went up, my nose tickled with a familiar scent. I got out of the car and took in more of the scents. NO. No I did not want to go in that building. Death had arrived. I did not want to be there. Death lingered near that familiar scent. Pushing and pulling, I finally went in, but my nerves were so bad I couldn’t sit still. I shivered and panted. Told to calm down, patted, and hugged, nothing helped. Fear consumed me. Something in that backroom held a familiar scent, and Death shrouded over it. I considered barking and making a big deal, but I preferred to leave. When a cat arrived, I pretended to want to chase it thinking I could then bolt out the door. Instead, the leash tightened.

A nurse came out and sweetly said my name. Prompted to move, I stood firm. Practically carried into the room for the doctor to give me my physical, I panted heavily and shook non-stop. Closer now, the familiar scent grew stronger.

“What’s wrong with you, Pebbles?” my owner and dearest being asked. “I’ve never seen you like this,” she said, patting me. “Calm down,” she held my face.

If I could cry the tears would’ve been there. If I could speak, the words would’ve been heard. All I could do is shake, pant, and look at the door with the hope of escaping.

The vet arrived. Her voice sweet and caring, she coaxed me over to her. Next, I was placed on the slippery, shiny platform and weighed. My weight is good, the vet had said. Trying for a heartbeat, my owner had to hold me. “I’m sorry. I’ve never seen her this upset. Maybe it’s because she’s getting older.” The vet managed, though I can’t imagine how, ‘cause I thought once my heart leaped out of my skin. SHOTS. Here come the shots. I didn’t care. Shots were nothing compared to what was going on behind that door to the back room. Shots meant I’d have a chance at a healthier life. And Death was behind that door.

“She’s taking these shots great,” the vet said. “Her teeth look really good.”

My owner took me off the platform and hugged me. “Pebbles, hear that? You have healthy teeth. That means you’re a healthy girl.”

Though my heart was pounding loudly, I did hear and more than that I saw in her eyes the love and happiness she had at that moment. For a second, I forgot why I’d been in such a state of shattered nerves.

“Come on, lets get those nails cut,” the vet said.

Nails cut. I’d have to go in that back room. I sat and refused to move my 61-pound body.

“Pebbles, you’re just getting your nails trimmed,” my owner said. Her voice sharpened. “Come on, let’s go.” She pulled, but I did not budge.

No. I couldn’t go back there. I’m sorry. I wish it weren’t so. Truly I do, but I can’t stand to see and… I’d been pushed, and the door closed quickly behind me. Lowering my head, I wished my keen sense of smell would diminish just for the few minutes it took to get my nails trimmed. I looked away. The nurse held my head and talked to me. I didn’t listen. I wanted to be done.

My heart faltered, Death flew past me and stopped where my sibling lay. Yes, the familiar scent was that of my sister from the same litter our mom bore just over nine years ago. She’d been the one Death came for behind the door. I barked. At first I wanted Death to leave her be, but I heard the talk. That she’d been in pain. Her organs shut down, and nothing could be done. I barked again, saying goodbye and wishing her a safe trot over the bridge to doggie heaven.

I returned to my owner, calmer.

“Happy to have those nails cut,” she said.

After paying we walked out and she turned to hold the door for my litter sibling’s owner. A young man with tears in his eyes and a leash wrapped in his hand. I took in her scent, knowing she’d gone peacefully and now trotted aimlessly full of joy across a great field, one that never ended.

My owner knew. “Awe, you’re sister, Tippy, didn’t make it. But she’s not in pain any more and is where she needs to be.”

I wagged my tail. She hugged me. On the drive home, I stuck my head out the window and looked up to the sky, taking in the fresh air for me and Tippy.

*Footnote: This story, though told through my dog, Pebbles’, point of view, is based on fact. My heart goes out to Tippy’s family over their loss.

November 2, 2012

When Sandy Came to My Backyard

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Keeping the family warm during SANDY.

It was not a typical get up and go to school day. I knew mama nature was coming through my backyard soon. All those nutty squirrels, sly foxes, and darling deer were moving around grabbing food and looking for a warm place to hide. Even the birds did not dare sing their songs. Though, I’m always happy having a loving family, during these times I really feel my heart pound with joy knowing I will be safe.
During our last outing the winds blew my fur every which way and Rocky could hardly stay on his little paws. We chased the ball, did our business and ran in before long. Without warning, silence and darkness fell inside. People talking on a screen in the family room, along with the other screens with lights and sounds, went black and silent. Soon, various scents filled the room with soft yellow and orange lights waving. Where often we were shooed off, now we were ordered to sleep in the bed. Rocky shook like the leaves outside during the worst of it. I stayed strong, but fear kept me from moving. Winds roared and rain, oh the rain. After the first night, the winds died down and so did my fear. Rocky made a mess, but he didn’t get in trouble. Finally we got to go out, but not for long. The rain kept falling and inside the cold gave me a chill that I shook off. My family insisted I stay near. Were they scared? My soft dry fur and body heat put a smile on their faces. I like this, my tail wagged and Rocky also enjoyed all the attention. Along with quiet conversation came lots of praise for me and Rocky, too. That big screen and those other screens where fingers pound away in front of it, never went on. At night, I led the way but was given a circle of light to follow. By the third night it got colder. Blankets were added to the family couch and Rocky sat up high on them while I snuggled next everyone. All of us being together had our tails wagging. At times, they went out to “Power up”. One time they came home and it was dark, silent and I had my tail between my legs while Rocky shivered. When they came back, we were met with sadness. Wherever they went, it was better than home. How could that be? In their voices, fear penetrated through me. I thought about all the darkness and cold. Maybe there was something to those screens talking and the dings from the washer or the buzz from the dryer. And, what about water. My bowl outside had some rain water in it. Sometimes, that makes me feel icky. Those rooms where I go to throw up haven’t been used at all. Not one loud water flow in three days. I want it back. I want my family happy, safe and warm. Come on big screens, washer, dryer, toilets, heat, lights, come on. Before the early bedtime, in one big wag of a tail, everything came on at once. My family jumped up smiling and laughing. Rocky and I got in on the excitement, barking, jumping, tails wagging. We were all glad to be in our home…again.

August 20, 2012

Brighten Life Up, Spin the Color Wheel

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We talk about our need to be happy and when we’re not talking about it we’re seeking ways to find happiness. Life is riddled with despair, heart ache, challenges and missed opportunities that can bring us to our knees. We feel the heavy burden pulling us down, creating an agonizing pain in our shoulders and neck that spreads faster than lava into our heads. A throbbing headache persists for days. Finally and perhaps slowly, life levels out and soon we hit a peak, exuberance, opportunities, and joy touches our lives. We are thrilled to know “Life is Good”, No, life is wonderful. We laugh, smile, seek out others to share our joy with and perhaps make them a believer in what a difference a day or two or five can make. This is our time to shine on others. It’s not easy because some people enjoy staying under a rock for fear they will peek out and be hit with more hardship.

This past week I encountered enormous stress that weakened my being and took me to hiding under that rock. Actually it was more like a boulder. In an email I shared some of my setbacks, hardships and concerns with a good friend. He returned my email to me in a lavender text saying, “I chose this color to soothe you.” It worked. Just knowing someone thought enough to send me this kind of “healing”  made me realize there is so much good out there. I wrote back in a softer tone of terra cotta. He replied in Green, since he is trying to sell his house and Green signifies money. I wrote back in sky blue because I was uplifted by our “mood ring” emails and shared the news of an upcoming book signing event. Honestly, the color key for the emails put a new spin on the way I saw things and this realization made me extremely grateful. Sometimes we need another eye to show us life is not black or white.

When this thought came to me I was surfing channels and stopped at a PBS special, THE HAPPINESS ADVANTAGE. Motivational speaker, Shawn Achor, discussed his philosophy on attaining happiness. One thing he said that really struck a chord, especially at this time, was that we can adjust the lens for which we see things.  I’m appreciative to my friend and his color wheel for brightening my vision. Sometimes it only takes a sweet, encouraging thought to bring out the good, provide happiness, or simply offer a glimmer of hope.

Moving forward and with so many ways provided with the internet, phone, correspondence and personal interaction, I’m making it a point to shine the light on someone daily. Today I commented on my friend’s blog she wrote while on a missionary visit to Africa. She and her church group built a home in a place where darkness prevails were it not for the generosity of others.

Is it time you spin your color wheel?

June 4, 2012


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Snippets-a small piece of something ,sampling.

I’ve come to find that the best blogs are highly informative, thought provoking and least wordy. Lately, I adhere to the  “less is more” addage of these times.

Snippets of information are making their way into our brain via the internet in a little more than a tweet’s 140 word limit. For me, it’s like getting on the roller coaster at an amusement park for a fast, sharp, thrilling two minute adventuresome ride. Thanks to the internet’s speed, there’s no waiting involved.

I used to revel in the delights of getting Vanity Fair in my mailbox, excited to delve into their long in-depth stories. Now, I’m reading a vast number of tweets, blogs, and yahoo news briefs in less time than one VF profile story. Am I more informed? I know I’m not a walking encyclopedia on a subject but I can discuss many different topics in the brevity it was given to me in. And, lets face it, often when having a “real time” discussion at a social gathering, a yawn prevails when one rambles on. When time allows, going beneath the surface to discover more about the subject will only improve interpretation and stronger debate skills. Keep in mind, too much of one thing can cause clutter. Snippets allow us to take in the new and discard the old without over crowding.

And so, I’m back to my journalistic teachings of giving all the facts with concise brevity. Newspapers might be taking a backseat to the internet, but people seeking to grow, learn and engage with others will always want what Joe Friday proclaimed decades ago, “Just the facts”.

*This blog was written in just 2 tweets!

December 29, 2011

2012 Make it Happen

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Carpe Diem, Make it Happen, Take on life and LIVE

These are a few adages I hold close to mind and heart when entering a New Year. They’ve traveled through the centuries for good reason. I’ve learned that in order to Seize the day, Make It Happen and Take On Life and Live we must find in ourselves Tolerance, Compassion and Peace to attain true Happiness.

It’s important to surround ourselves with those who also believe in these virtues. In that life has its ups and downs, during our longer and more trying days we must dig deep to bring forth tolerance, find compassion, and embrace peace. Others can easily tip the scales or worst, act with contempt and disruption, leaving us hurt and disappointed. We can not control what others do or say, but we can think their actions and words through. If we find discourse and intolerant meaning uprooting our solitude we must preserve ourselves by eliminating negativity, which often creates chaos. We can all err at times. Step forward and allow peace to prevail, recognizing and offering an apology often brings happiness. An apology is more than “I’m sorry.” Those simple words in this advanced society are like taking a charcoal pencil to lamb skin, primitive. Think about what can be done, rather than said. If the words were upsetting undo the words with an afternoon filled with laughter. All of us have inside the means to create joyfulness, some have to dig and try harder than others depending on their days. Usually, it does a heart good to reach back to a better place through a picture, a happier time through a song, or relaxing with a good book. All of these things can inspire positive action.

In 2012 Carpe Diem and I wish you a Happy New Year!

Carpe Diem, Horace (Roman Poet)

Make It Happen (Cleopatra)

Take On Life and Live (unknown)

November 26, 2011

Black Friday, not really

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Black Friday

After my family and I enjoyed our festive day of thanks with loved ones, we relaxed in front of the television watching football and Miracle on 34th Street.

As usual, commercials announced sales on tap for Black Friday, the following day. Wait, did I say the following day? Wrong. These sales for many retailers were starting at midnight, some even as early as 8 p.m.

“What happened to 4 a.m.?” I asked looking at the television, but got the answer from my recently college educated nephew, “Commercialism. They’re trying to get more time out of Black Friday.”

“No. I’m still going at 5 a.m.” I crossed my arms in defiance determined to stick to the original Black Friday event of departing at dawn. Certain, if I did not, the exuberance of waking before sunrise, making a game plan of what stores to visit after reviewing their ads, and then being part of the calamity of retail hype melded with actual savings would be much like opening the refrigerator and finding no leftovers. A huge letdown. Black Friday should follow Thanksgiving not become part of the day.

After watching the news my daughter and I decided to go at a more practical and later time, leaving at 7 a.m. We got some chosen buys and I smiled when the cashiers said, “It was crazy here from 12 midnight until about 2:30 a.m.” That was the consensus of all the stores we went to BLACK FRIDAY morning, which meant we made the right decision to go later. If I wasn’t planning to go at 10 p.m. or midnight then why get up at the crack of dawn.

Perhaps the thing that really irks me is that this will most likely become the standard for Black Friday shopping. Deep down, I had hoped shoppers would holdout until the early morning hours. This hope faltered when a woman interviewed on the news who had been sitting on line outside of a retailer waiting to get a door buster said, “I just did all the cooking yesterday and we celebrated then,” I realized nothing would be held sacred in front of a 42 inch screen TV.

I wonder if, when George Washington decreed on October 3, 1789 that Thanksgiving be held every Thursday, he considered the following day would curtail the “official day of thanks.” However, for me and my family, we stuck with his original proclamation holding the day dear and genuine.

In the end, Black Friday was a letdown. There was no searching for parking spaces, standing on long lines, or grabbing something an indecisive shopper put down for that outstanding savings. Instead, it was another day of shopping sales. Bring on Cyber Monday. Can we please stay with the designated day?

July 25, 2011

Bright Lights, Big City Recaptures My Youth

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Magical, enticing, exhilarating, this is what staying 29 floors above Times Square was like for me during the last week of June. From above, a view of the lights, action, and excitement draws one in like a moth to a flame. All this girl needed was a comfortable pair of walking shoes before taking the elevator down to street level. Once those elevator doors opened the sights and sounds of a city that brings tourists from all over the world, come alive. A drove of people with various languages rolling off their tongues do more standing than walking. For some, they are uncertain of which way to go,while others are mesmerized by the skyscrapers touting neon signs and billboards inviting the world in. Instantly, highest expectations are fulfilled with the thrill of being in New York City.

For me, the city brings back memories of a time when I took Metro North from nearby Westchester to take in a play, visit a museum, or do holiday shopping. Though nearly twenty-five years later, the city has remained the same. Sure, the marquees reveal different shows and restaurants have changed hands but the essence of the city, the fantastic Broadway plays and pulsing vibrancy still are the allure of Times Square, along with the cheesy I LOVE NEW YORK souvenir stores. People rarely refer to it as the BIG APPLE, but they are still taking a bite out of it, enjoying every scrumptious minute of finding the core of a place many return to again and again. Some never leave. Chasing their dreams while depleting their bank account it still is the most captivating city this side of the Atlantic.

Looking to my left I considered going down to 34th Street where Macy’s boasts their annual Thanksgiving Day Parade. Just across the street a small crowd gathered outside of the GOOD MORNING AMERICA Studio to meet the Morning Hosts. To my right, uptown the streets glisten and massive billboards offer an invitation to everything from the Harry Potter exhibit to Mama Mia. On this morning, I follow my stomach to the BAGELS Shop just around the corner. I take my bagel with a cup of coffee to a table in Times Square and eat while watching GMA’s big screen. At home this is a typical morning for me, only the NY bagel and the driving force of Times Square is not in my living room! I take in the sights, sounds and people that create the scenery at this early hour of part chaos and part jubilation. There is so much to see and do that I remind myself of the two hours I have before attending a writers workshop, my real reason for being in NYC. After breakfast, I see that Robin Roberts is mingling with the crowd of GMA fans. In an effort to get her picture, she comes over to me and I tell her “Robin I watch you every morning in PA.” “Where?” I tell her Pennsylvania as she shakes and holds my hand while we chat a bit. REALLY am I talking to the morning host as though she and I are BFF’s or at least planning to be? I walk away from the encounter considering it to be somewhat surreal. With a bounce in my step, I head uptown and decide I will see MAMA MIA the following night. It has been on my bucket list to see since the movie came out. I find the theater for Jersey Boys, the play I am seeing on this night and realize it is not very far from the hotel, either. While, my friend suggested a cab, I prefer to walk. Walk off that bagel.

My writer friend invites me to lunch with another writer friend she knows from Florida. This woman knows a college student who works at a Malaysian restaurant on 72nd Street, thirty blocks away. With the aide of the college student (it is her day off) we take the subway. This is a first without my husband. I’m the suburban girl, he is the city boy. Find me a train, the kind that surfaces to reveal the tree lined Hudson River. But, I’m glad to know the A/C is in full force on the subway when we arrive ten minutes later a few blocks from the restaurant. As we emerge from the subway station, an entirely different scene awaits, one of pristine elegance with boutiques, outdoor cafes and upscale restaurants. After a unique lunch filled with spices and Asian infusions, we return to Times Square via the subway. During my travels, I come across a New York City Dog. Both dog and owner appear very independent and not at all distracted by the many scents and happenings around them. No doubt, they are New Yorkers, taken back by little and with an innate ability to forge on.


Next up, a workshop discussing the future of e-publishing. Where is it going? It is most definitely growing and will continue to do so with the driving force of our evolutionary stage of technology blazing the trail.


I take a break, apply a band-aide to a stinging blister and later meet my writing friends from my chapter, VFRW, for a delicious dinner at Osteria al Doge. After dinner, two of us are off to see Jersey Boys. We bought tickets separately and are sitting apart from each other. I take my seat. I turn to the woman next to me and say, “I don’t think I’ve ever been in this theater.”

“Well, I’ve never been to New York,” she says in a southern drawl. I tell her I detect she is from the south. “Oh yes, from South Carolina.” We talk, she tells me she is 70 and has been to Europe, Boston, America’s west and all over the South, but never to New York City. I ask her what she is waiting for and she laughs. She has just arrived in New York City. She is thrilled to discover that I am an author. “Oh, please sign your bookmarks for my grandchildren,” she asks. We exchange email addresses and she asks if I might come to her home for a bookclub event. We continue our conversation during intermission. I enjoyed the show. It is upbeat, filled with those fabulous songs of the 60s with a voice so unique it captured a strong fanbase for Frankie Valli and his Four Seasons. There is really nothing like Broadway for talent. I really must see another Broadway show… MAMA MIA.


The following morning I get on line near the George M. Cohen Statue for half price tickets. There are several kids waiting with their parents. I hand out my bookmarks knowing this could be another audience for my books. An hour later I have an orchestra seat ticket for that night’s performance of MAMA MIA.


I’m exhilarated by the show and especially enjoyed Lisa Brescia’s phenomenal voice and fun approach to the role of Sophie’s mother. When she sang “Winner Takes It all”  all I kept thinking is that I wanted to download it on my IPOD. But, she is not part of the CD cast performance. Later I go to the stage door where a handful of other “fans” are waiting to meet the cast. The actors come out one by one and graciously take pictures and answer questions. It was great to be able to tell Ms. Brescia how much I enjoyed her performance.


I had been concerned about walking back to the hotel by myself and now, the hour is even later. But, I am not by myself. In fact I am with people from France, Spain, Italy, and Connecticut. The population grows as I get closer to Times Square. I realize that at midnight times Square has more action going on than it does at 7:30 in the morning when I am drinking my cup of coffee there. Yes, this is New York the city that never sleeps at night. Can I join in in this all night party. I am very tempted, but the following day is filled with workshops, a lunch and then back to Penn Station for my train home. Certainly, I’m pleased with my time spent in The Big Apple. I was transported back to my growing up years of the 60s and 70s through two fabulous Broadway plays in the vibrant city that keeps me forever, young at heart.

February 21, 2010

My First Guest Appearance/Featured Author Book Signing

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I’m so pleased my first Guest Author appearance was a huge success. After I read the first chapter of THE VILLA DOG the kids asked some terrific questions. They were an engaging audience of elementary school children. I brought a storyboard to share the “makings” of THE VILLA DOG with the enthusiastic group. I used to think getting published would be the height of my writing career. YES, I savored the moment of holding the book in my hands for the first time. It took quite a while to snap me out of the feeling of disbelief. The realization that my words and the artist’s illustrations, all stemming from my imagination and inspired by a family holiday at a villa in Tuscany, had finally reached book form. I’ve always wanted to be a published author. But, with that thought I’d only envisioned the book on the shelves. Now, I was seeing first hand the delight of children reading my book.  Their excitement and joy over THE VILLA DOG is better than holding the book… it is the reason for the book.

January 15, 2010

Rob Thomas Performance

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I like this title. To me it means he was there, and indeed this time Rob Thomas did appear at his rescheduled (for the third time) concert this past Saturday at the Borgata in Atlantic City. When we arrived at our seats our friends who were with us from the beginning with these tickets sat in the row in front and a few seats over. This worked out great! I could lean over and easily comment to my friend. Her husband pointed out an open laptop just two rows in front of us with the Eagles game in easy view. I remember sinking back in my seat when Rob took the stage, in a state of disbelief, especially with my husband leaning forward and watching the Eagles game throughout. Come on, this had to be a dream.

Rob thanked the audience several times for being there. “And I REALLY want to thank those of you who have been here for this concert several times,” he said. Adding, “This concert was destine to happen.” He played an enjoyable rendition of Elvis’ “That’s Alright Mama,” rocked to Bruce Springstein’s (considering he was performing in Bruce Land he got an overwhelming applause) “Dancing in The Dark” and gave a beautiful softer version of his hit with Carlos Santana, “Smooth”. He performed a few hits from his previous solo CD and most of the tunes from his latest, Cradlesong CD. One song, a favorite of my friend’s, “Snow blind”, may have been left out with good intention given the fact the last concert was canceled because of a snowstorm.

Our seats were at the fifty yard line for both Rob and the Eagles! Rob proved to be extremely talented and one who does not take life for granted as indicated in his intensely profound lyrics. His voice is smooth and watching him bring the lyrics to life, often beating his hand against his heart, made it a very moving experience.

The Eagles lost, but Rob’s concert was gratifying though he did leave us wanting more.  After all the rescheduling and financial setbacks I went through to see his concert I was surprised there were no encores. I think an encore or two would’ve enhanced his appearance.

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